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Professionalism & quality

Cosen EDC imports and distributes sawing machines and tools such as band- and circular sawblades in Europe. With us you can count on professional and substantiated advice, as we immerse ourselves in the technology behind the machine. Our employees continue to receive further training and are always aware of the latest techniques and developments. Moreover, you can count on a thorough quality control of all machines and products before they leave our warehouse, so we can guarantee a quick use of your machine once its has arrived in your company. We ensure that everything meets European standards and regulations.

Importing machines has a great responsibility. We distinguish ourselves by providing excellent service before and after sales. At Cosen EDC, we are only satisfied when our customers are too, that is our vision.

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Driving force

The driving force behind Cosen EDC is an experienced team with over 20 years of experience in the sawing industry. Our technicians know the machines from top to bottom and act under the motto “If the machine ain't 100% in order, then it won't leave our premises”, so you always get a product that will last for many years to come. Our sales managers know the market and therefore always offer you a machine for an affordable price. Lastly, our after-sales and finance department ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes and that the most important spare and wear parts are always in stock, so that you will have them on your doormat within a foreseeable time.

Cosen EDC - Driving force
Sawing is in our DNA