Bandsaws & sawblades

In the world of the metalworking, sawing is not always as simple as people think, especially when you learn that there are a thousand different material combinations. Do you need a bandsaw machine, metal or bi-metal blades, or an extra tool such as a mist spray unit or deviation detector? We would like to get to know your company.

In the first place, it is important for us to know what will be cut, how often and at what speed. Is it soft profile steel or harder steel? Do you want to saw burr-poor or oil-free? We take into account the desired smoothness, possible finishing operations and the course of the supply, export and sorting of the products. Based on all this information, we can always advise our customers the perfect bandsaw. We highly value customer satisfaction and guarantee a quality product at an affordable price.

You can also contact us for maintenance or additional parts such as brushes, saw blades, hydraulic or cutting oil, and much more.

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We regularly test our machines on specific applications. Based on these findings, we can advise you even better. You can send products to us, and we will then carry out an internal test and provide you with an extensive customized report. If desired, you can be present during the test phase or we will provide you with the video afterwards.


Control panels and PLC

We program the control panels and PLCs of the machines in-house. Would you like to have something changed or your company logo on the start screen?

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Cutting process data

We developed our own system that clearly displays all data and can even be consulted via an app. Via Mechalogix you get an overview of your machine park, its status, but also the temperature, coolant, and oil level, along with many other possibilities and sensors. You can analyze productivity through graphs and diagrams.

Is there a problem somewhere? Then you will receive a notification on your phone or desktop PC. For each machine you can request a detailed report for a period of your choice. We also offer Mechalogix for machines that are not of the Cosen brand.

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