Expertise is accompanied by customised advice. Due to our rich experience with various sawing applications in combination with the knowledge about the machines and products in our portfolio, we can give perfect advice to our customers, partners and distributors. This can be bandsawing machines from small to large with various methods, sawing blades from various manufacturers, with different TPI (Tooth per Inch) or material types such as metal or bi-metal blades, but also cutting oils, accessories such as mist lubrication, alarm lamps, safety and much more.

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Quality check & services

The quality of our machines is always checked in-house on the basis of a checklist before delivery to the customer, since this ensures a smooth installation and start-up at the end user. You can count on our experienced technicians for maintenance and after-sales repairs.

We have confidence in our product, provided it is maintained by our employees. We keep an overview of the machines, maintenance and warranty for each customer. Your file is always supplemented in detail, so we can easily remind you of the necessary maintenance visits.

All activities and machines of our customers are always displayed and followed closely by our team. There is great involvement, and any malfunctions are immediately reported by us.

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You can count on a committed team.